You would not enjoy your outdoor activities if you not have the right food and drinks. What kind of picnic would it be if you and your friends cannot eat fresh food and cannot have cold drinks in a hot day? You'd spend a lot of time cooking and that is not enjoyable. You might as well go home and find something else to do.  

Something like that should not happen to you and your friends if you prepared. There are ice boxes and different types of coolers available in the market designed precisely for picnics, hikes, fishing, and other outdoor activities. Of there the use of these cooling products are not made only for outdoors. They also come handy during power outages and in places where there are no power connections.   Find more here

Finding a cooler is really a problem since there are mac companies engaged in manufacturing portable cooling products. What could pose a bit of difficulty for you is choosing the brand or model that suits your needs exactly. Naturally manufacturers will make you believe that their brands are the best of the lot and this encourage you to buy something that could prove to be a disappointment later on.

The easiest way to avoid buying a cooler of poor quality is read cooler reviews. Generally they are accurate on their assessment of the brands out there since they are written by professional reviewers and actual users. In the reviews you are likely to come across Norchill and some of the other popular brands. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thermal_bag  

You want to take particular attention to the Norchill models of cooling products. They have a line of cooler bags that that are beautifully designed, colorful and keep your foods and drinks for a long time. They also come in different sizes. You always find something that can conveniently accommodate all the foods and drinks you want to carry in your outdoor activities. Before you deciding what brand to buy, it would be wise for you to find out what the other brands have to offer. It would not take a lot time for you to find out.

Going on a picnic or hiking in some isolated mountains. There are a lot of things you have to bring with you. There are you can forget to bring which  will not make a lot  of difference, but a cooler bag is not one of them.
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